Golf Course

in the Midwest

At Purgatory Golf Club you’ll be challenged with extensive bunkering and tall grass on every hole. While it is clearly a golf course for someone who knows golf, you don't have to be a low handicap player. The course offers a minimum of six sets of tees on each hole. It's a wonderful course for people who prefer a little shorter course. 

You can also take a course tour, check out our ratesdownload the yardage book or view the scorecard.

If you’re a fan of golf course architecture, you’ll appreciate the links design of the course. This by nature means very few trees, and fairways surrounded by tall grasses. 

The tall grass will encourage you to think more carefully about your tee shot. If you hit your ball into the tall grass, it can slow you down. You may have to look for it, and it can make for a challenging shot.

Last of all, the tall grass is a beauty to behold. It becomes golden brown in the fall, and as you stand at the tee, it can take your breath away.

You will face over 125 bunkers at PurgatoryGC. They’re filled with white sand, made from crushed limestone. (Bunkers are most commonly filled with river sand.) 

Many of the bunkers will be outside your best line to the hole. On the 16th hole, large bunkers line the fairway and surround the green. On the 4th hole, the bunkers only protect the green as trees outline the fairway. But the most memorable is “Hell’s Half Acre,” the 17th hole, where the green is surrounded by two acres of bunkers, making the it an island in a sea of sand.

At Purgatory, you’ll quickly learn it’s easier to get out of a bunker than the tall grass. You can find your ball in a bunker, and often get out with little difficulty. 


The mental part of your game will be important at PurgatoryGC. You are often presented with classic risk verses reward. On the second hole, if you are more aggressive and fly your ball over the water, well, you may end up in the water.

On eighteen, there are two different fairways to choose from. The closer one is lower risk, but probably a higher score.

This is classic golf course strategy. Can I make the shot? Is it worth the risk? Much of the game of golf is good decision making, evaluating your options, and knowing your capabilities.

Why do you care about our tees?

For several reasons:

  • A tee made from clay, dirt, or just topsoil can be extremely difficult to use when teeing your ball up on a hot day. You’ll find our tees are constructed from a mixture of sand, organic matter, and soil. This makes the tee softer when teeing the ball, but hard enough to withstand traffic and able to hold nutrients.
  • The alignment of a rectangular tee, if off, can cause you to hit your tee shot off line. You will instinctively (and logically) line your ball up with the tee. Our tees were carefully designed to point you to the best shot from that tee box.
  • The slope or grading of a tee affects the condition of the grass. If the tee doesn’t slope down away from the center, there will be areas where water will puddle leading to disease on the tee. It may be hard for you to see our perfect 1% slope, but you'll be able to see the end result because our tees are in such good condition. During construction we used the same laser leveling technology that was first used at Augusta National, home of the Master’s golf tournament.
  • The size of the tee also has a direct impact on the quality of the tee. The smaller the tee, the more wear and tear per square foot. You’ll see our tee sizes are quite generous. This contributes to their superb condition.
  • If your handicap is either quite high or very low our selection of tees and yardages will be more important to you. We have a minimum of six sets of tees on every hole, so whether you’re a scratch golfer, or a high handicap, there’s a tee that will likely suit your game. You may also appreciate that we rate them by handicap, not age or gender. We intentionally put the red tees in back, the longest tees on the course, to break the gender association with tee selection.

At Purgatory Golf Club we put a great deal of thought, energy, and money into your tee selection. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!